Version history

This will show all previous saved versions of a model, so that should the need arise to rollback changes to a previous version, this can be done easily by clicking the desired version to rollback to.

Add note to this version

You can add notes to the current version to associate it with a particular milestone so that it is clearly visible in the version history. This way you can easily navigate back to this version and other designers will understand the progression of your design.


Allowing other people to view or edit your design is done by clicking the share button. This creates a link that (provided the viewer/editor has a Powerlines Pro account) they will be able to view or edit depending on what preferences you desire. All they have to do is copy paste the link into the URL bar and they will have access to your design


All models can be exported to .power files so that they can be easily sent and then loaded into Powerlines Pro.


There are multiple ways to import data into Powerlines Pro to create a model:

  1. Model file: any .power file can be easily loaded using the import from model file option 
  2. CSV: .csv files can be imported using the import from CSV option 
  3. DXF: .dxf files can be imported using the import from DXF option 
  4. LiDAR: LiDAR data can be imported using the import from LiDAR into Dataset 
  5. Mapinfo: Mapinfo zip files can be imported using the import from Mapinfo option.

For more information on importing data, click here


The settings option opens up the below menu, allowing specific project defaults to be modified in accordance with specific requirements.