Tiles/point cloud

Add imagery tiles: when a line is made that crosses one or more imagery tiles, all tiles with conductors that haven't been added can be automatically added by pressing this button. 

Remove unused tiles: any tiles that were added will be removed if they do not have a conductor or pole on them by pressing this button

Remove unused point cloud: any imported LiDAR data that does not link to a conductor is removed using this tool. 

LiDAR functionality

Extract poles from LiDAR: Power Lines Pro is able to extract poles from LiDAR data by simply clicking this button. Any LiDAR points that poles can be extracted from will be colored brown.

Fit selected poles from LiDAR: if poles have to be added or the poles extracted from the LiDAR aren't on the LiDAR points, selecting one or multiple poles and then clicking this button will fit them to the closest pole LiDAR points. 

Fit selected conductors from LiDAR: likewise, if a conductor span is not fit to the LiDAR set, clicking this button will fit it to the closest set of LiDAR.

Show selected conductor scan times: When you have a conductor selected you can choose this option to display the time at which the LiDAR representing the conductor has been scanned.

These items are shown in the image below: