Ground clearance, using clearance lines

The most basic way is to add clearance lines (under the Clearances menu) to ensure conductors stay above a minimum height.

Ground clearance, using the Ground Clearance Tool

Select the Ground Clearance Tool, and hover over any individual conductor.  The worst-case ground clearance for the various environments will be displayed in the right sidebar.

Inter-conductor clearance, using the Conductor Clearance Tool

You can measure the minimum distance (in 3D) between any two conductor spans using the Conductor Clearance Tool. 

Using the clearance tool, select a pair of conductor segments, to show their distance. Note:

  • The tool allows selecting of individual cables within a conductor, for all possible environment variations.  So it's possible to select a 75 degree hot cable from one conductor and compare it to a 5 degree cold cable from another.
  • The tool should only be used from the perspective view, which models the full 3-dimensional cable positions.
  • This tool is in active development - please report any issues, and we are after feedback on how you want it to work for you.