Figure 1 - Geometry of Overhead Span

The shape of the a inelastic conductor between suspended between two supports is described by the catenary shape in figure 1, with the following equation:

Where the catenary constant C is:

H = horizontal component of conductor tension T (N)

W = resultant or inclined distributed conductor load (N)

Wind and Ice Conditons

The following equation  describe the effect of wind and ice on W:


P = wind pressure (Pa)

d = overall conductor diameter exposed to transverse wind (m)

r = radial ice thickness (m)

g = gravitational constant = 9.8067 m/s

m = conductor uint mass (kg/m)

ρ = ice density. Default to 900 kg/m^3

Conductor Sag

Conductor sag D is described by the following:


I = chord length between conductor supports (m)

L = span length (m)


AS/NZS 7000:2016 Overhead Line Design

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